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Karyopharm Therapeutics to Present Data on Selective Inhibitors of Nuclear Export (SINE) to treat Influenza and HIV at International Congress on Antiviral Research (ICAR)

Karyopharm Therapeutics to Present Data on Selective Inhibitors of Nuclear Export (SINE) to treat Influenza and HIV at International Congress on Antiviral Research (ICAR)Natick, Mass. May 9, 2013 – Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc., a leader in the new field of nuclear transport modulators, announces an oral and poster presentation at the 26th International Conference on Antiviral Research (ICAR) in San Francisco, California, May 11th-15th. The presentations will cover the use of Karyopharm’s novel oral, small molecule Selective Inhibitors of Nuclear Export (SINE) for the treatment of several influenza strains and HIV. In these antiviral indications, SINE acts as an antagonist to exportin 1 (XPO1), a protein crucial to the life cycle of influenza and HIV, as well as certain other viruses.

“We are pleased to present data on the expansion of potential therapeutic applications of our SINE XPO1 antagonists for the treatment and prevention of influenza and HIV. Because our compounds interfere with a required host factor, we are particularly excited by the potential of SINEs to act against a variety of influenza strains,” commented Karyopharm Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Sharon Shacham. “Our SINE pipeline is advancing; in addition to these antiviral compounds, KPT-330, our first clinical SINE candidate is in two clinical studies in advanced refractory cancers and we look forward to presenting data on this compound at the upcoming ASCO annual meeting in early June.”

The ICAR presentations are being made on Sunday, May 12, 2013, by academic collaborators studying the use of Karyopharm’s novel SINEs in various antiviral indications:

  • Drs. Eline Boons and Dirk Daelemans from the Rega Institute for Medical Research, Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium, will present “Replication inhibition by small molecules targeting the Rev-CRM1 interaction” (Oral Presentation #19, Session 2: Hepatitis and HIV).
  • Drs. Scott Johnson and Ralph Tripp from the University of Georgia will present “KPT-335, a Novel Inhibitor of Nuclear Export (SINE), reduces influenza A virus replication in vitro and in vivo” (Poster #70 in Poster Session 1: Retroviruses, Hepatitis Virus, Respiratory Viruses, Antiviral Methods).

Karyopharm is continuing to study the potential of its novel oral SINE compounds in several viral diseases, as well as in human and canine oncology.

About Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc.
Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company founded by Drs. Sharon Shacham and Michael Kauffman in 2009 and has emerged as a leader in the new field of nuclear transport modulators. Karyopharm’s selective inhibitors of nuclear export (SINE) function by trapping multiple tumor suppressor proteins in the nucleus, resulting in anti-cancer activity across multiple tumor types. In collaboration with many academic laboratories, SINEs, targeting the major nuclear exporter XPO1 (also called CRM1), exert robust anti-cancer activity in diverse preclinical models of cancer. The lead SINE KPT-330 is in two Phase 1 clinical studies for advanced solid tumor and hematologic malignancies. The related SINE KPT-335 is being tested in a pivotal study as an oral treatment for dogs with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, one of the most common canine cancers. The Company is also testing SINEs in autoimmune, viral and dermatologic disorders. Karyopharm Therapeutics is located in Natick, Massachusetts.


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